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DETOX with us in 2022

A Cleanse program not just physically and dietary focused but Mind and Emotional too! Welcome to an extraordinary program to detox as a Complete Program to Welcome Spring 2022 in the best possible way - EMPOWERED & GLOWING!

DETOX with us in 2022
DETOX with us in 2022

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Specific launch TBC



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Now available for those of you who want to take charge of their health in 2020: both Mind & Body, who  choose to get rid of old patterns and toxicity that has no place to set up home in your body, and treat your temple to much love, attention and renewal!

Our program is specifically for YOU if...

1. YOU feel it is time to press the RESET button on your life, to gain clarity in mind and life.

2. ​See that it is time to reclaim your optimum health, to glow from both inside and out.​

3. To get out with the old and in with the New You!

ALL programs are individually tailored to you, as no 2 people are the same, so too should the program be tailored: ​

  • ​For your PERSONAL constitution,
  • Your level of health and wellness,
  • Your Vision of Health & Balance

EACH program is tentatively monitored throughout by the team, and adapted accordingly. Your chief Medical Practitioner is Tara O'Connell, an Internationally Licensed Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner & Naturopath with a specialisation in Detoxification, Tara has been exploring this field for almost 15 years, and understands the importance of not just Body detox, but mind and overall wellness. This program is available only at certain times throughout the year, due to Tara’s busy schedule internationally conducting specialised programs throughout Asia & Europe.

Why Detox, my body does the job already? ​ "... but where do these so-called toxins come from, I live a pretty normal life?" ​ Sadly in the 21st century, in the age of technology and an ever increasing population – the quality of food, air, home cleaning products, cosmetics, sedentary lifestyles and perhaps most of all Negative thinking patterns… affect all of us at some level, at some times in our lives – and for many on a regular basis.   Our bodies are incredible... and their ability to comb through all that we input, to divide everything into the beneficial (‘Keep!!’) and the ‘toxic’ (‘Bin’!) is remarkable. With our busy lifestyles today, the over consumption of food, drink, worry, anxiety, and stress, etc… WOW!!! Don’t you think this may all become a little too much for our amazing life-giving machines??   After all doesn’t every-living thing deserve a bit of a holiday – a bit of a break?   Toxins come in through many doors, no matter how hard we try to keep these out – NO-ONE is immune to it!

  1. Diet of low quality, high pesticide, antibiotic foods.
  2. Eating high Acid forming foods.
  3. Poor Digestion & Assimilation.
  4. Breath – shallow breathing
  5. Excess Negative thinking patterns.
  6. Stress – Wow! MAJOR contributor to sickness, unclear thinking, toxin build-up and disease.
  7. Medications: with long list of side-effects, left ignored for many years and not balanced      through additional lifestyle changes, cleansing, and supportive therapies?
  8. Lack of Exercise – Sedentary lives, especially in the age of technology.


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