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Achieve Your Health & Wellness Goals?

Schedule Your Appointment now.

TCM, Acupuncture & Naturopathy Session

1 hr |  Starting at €60

Initial consultation | €75

Follow-up appointment | €60

** Please allow approx 1-1.5hrs.

Please contact us to discuss your issue(s), and personalised treatment plan schedule. Please allow 45mins to 1.15 hrs.

Contact us now to Schedule a Session: (+353) 0831039803 |

Hypnotherapy & NLP TimeLine Therapy

1 Session | Starting at €150 

(Free consultation prior to 1st session)

This therapy permits healing transformation deep within your core, to invigorate you on your life path. 

Life throws many surprises at us, sometimes obstacles, strange phobias, patterns that seem to keep appearing in our lives or perhaps just never reaching our full potential because of circumstances or repetitive situations?

Is it time to Take Control of your results in life?

Contact us now to Schedule a Session: (+353) 0831039803 |

NLP Personal & Professional Coaching Session

1 Session | Starting at initial consultation €175 per session (approx 1.5-2hrs)

We will arrange a FREE initial Consultation to discuss where you are, what you are looking for in life, and what is and is not working for you. 

Following this: We will decide:

  • if this is for you,

  • how it can work for you, 

  • what to expect

- before we create a plan to bust through the blocks, and focus on your life desires!

We will help guide and inspire you to achieve more of your personal and professional goals. Get in touch today and start taking control of your life with our specialised NLP & TCM platform coaching.

Contact us now to Schedule a Session: (+353) 0831039803 |

Breakthrough NLP Coaching Package | Program approx 8-12hrs

INTENSIVE NLP-Life-Success-Wellness program.

Full 8+hr Package | Starting at €975

This is a HUGE favourite among many of my clients internationally, as it is often times one of the keys to a happier, healthier life. This specialised program uses techniques of NLP, Timeline Therapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Face Reading & Elemental analysis.

If you feel like you are stuck on the same merry-go-round? Or are ready to completely RENOVATE YOUR LIFE?" This program is 100% for You. 

Contact us now to Schedule a Session: (+353) 0831039803 |

Bamboo | Glass | Fire | Stationary Cupping Therapy

A Powerful Ancient Therapy from Europe & Asia

30 min Session  |  Starting at €40

Initial consultation (45mins) €65.

A wonderful invigorating treatment therapy, combined with Moxibustion (as necessary). Cupping can work wonders for:

Colds | The flu | Back or muscle pain | Relief from stress | Pain (anywhere) | Allergies  | Fatigue | Anxiety | Muscle aches/spasms | Cellulite & Weight Reduction | Remove excess heat | To ‘pull’ out toxins lingering in your body tissues....

and so much more...

Contact us now to Schedule a Session: (+353) 0831039803 |

Cosmetic Facial Acupuncture | Rejuvenation Combination Program


The 21st Century Facelift - 100% Toxin Free

Initial consultation: FREE 

1st Consultation | Starting at €135 

Follow-up Treatments | €95

** Please allow at least 1.5hrs per treatment. **

​The Wonderful effects of this therapy are very subtle, and it is a wonderful way to boost collagen production, reduce lines and wrinkles, uneven skin tone and blemishes, to brighten your face and enhance your features – giving you a youthful, balanced glow.

In addition to the therapy, light cupping, bio-chemical supplementation, lifestyle changes, home application exercises will also be part of your program. It is not just about the skin tone, and lines, but rebalancing you from the inside out, brighten the eyes, silky the hair and tone the mind-and-body for the expression of true health and vibrancy!

Contact us now to Schedule a Session: (+353) 0831039803 |

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